PATIENT CARE is a critical task that includes everything from completing the admission process and maintaining patient records to taking care of patients on a regular basis. We provide both highly skilled NURSING STAFF and WARD BOYS with extensive experience, trained in both administrative and patient care. With their attention to detail and compassionate attitude, they look after patients on a daily basis. They also help compile all medical reports for hospital records and review the patient’s health daily. They are by the patient’s side till discharge and also assist with discharge formalities.

WHEELCHAIR ASSISTANTS ensure that patients with mobility issues are transported around the healthcare premises with utmost care, safety and efficiency.

AMBULANCE CARE ASSISTANTS are assigned to provide essential support to the emergency team of qualified paramedics to deliver high quality and effective clinical and personal care. The team directly supports the Accident & Emergency Service and is key to ensuring prompt emergency care for the patient. All our paramedics are highly trained in our state-of-the-art training centres, and are embodied with qualities of resilience and punctuality and a mindset to serve patients. We believe ambulance care assistants must be self-motivated and ready to deal with everyday challenges as required in a medical emergency environment.

PARAMEDICAL ASSISTANTS are qualified healthcare workers who work under the supervision of a doctor to provide treatment and services to patients. They perform routine diagnostic procedures, such as taking blood samples, and assist with therapeutic procedures, such as administering injections or suturing wounds. They also keep track of patients’ medical information, such as temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs. Apart from routine health assessments, they help in coordinating, administering, observing and monitoring the patient’s intake of medications and record their observations and findings of the patient’s health.


Time is precious and nowhere is that more critical than in a healthcare facility. Hospital facilities are spread across multiple buildings, floors and departments; to ensure patients get prompt care, time is of the essence. Our PORTER SERVICES help ensure that patient appointments are kept, documents and medications delivered to departments in a timely manner and meals and other essential activities undertaken so that each and every department can function like clockwork.

Indeed, having good help is a must for efficient operations and our team of OFFICE BOYS help you run things smoothly and efficiently. Our staff can assist with filing important paperwork, keeping track of office supplies, data entry, dealing with couriers, food and beverage services, or following up on certain daily tasks. Delegate your time-consuming chores to our office boys who are also well versed with basic computer skills.

Do you have heavy goods to be moved from one place to another or within different areas of your premises? The movement of raw material, finished goods as well as other heavy equipment in an industrial or corporate set-up may look like a small job but is extremely time-specific. Any delays in undertaking the same may have negative repercussions on your productivity. We are here to help you become selfsufficient by offering our LOADER SERVICES.


FACILITIES MAINTENANCE TECHNICIANS help any set-up—a hospital, office, mall, hotel, factory or plant—get up and running smoothly. The team of technicians is responsible for scheduling repair and maintenance at all facilities of an organisation across various fields. This encompasses the management and maintenance of a building’s technical systems, such as heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, electrical systems, plumbing, elevators, fire alarm systems, and much more. The team of experienced technicians at MHSSL looks into intricate details and is equipped to provide manpower solutions to troubleshoot all your problems. It conducts regular inspections to ensure all installations are cleaned, properly  maintained and serviced. This avoids sudden breakdowns that may disturb the regular work routine. Preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance is very important for all electrical installations as well as plumbing work.

GAS TECHNICIANS assure an uninterrupted supply of oxygen and other medical gas supplies in hospitals. They are in charge of medical gas storage and distribution. They also take care of connecting machines to the gas supply, conduct maintenance checks in systems, test safety devices and controls, locate gas leakage, and inspect and test machinery to diagnose malfunctions. Our competent team of gas technicians proactively tackles issues with accuracy and gives patient safety utmost priority.

At MHSSL, we believe your safety is of the utmost priority and take all steps to ensure the same. Certified and skilled ELECTRICIANS perform preventive maintenance and earthing checks, and ensure smooth functioning of various machines and electrical equipment. The team has also been trained to perform routine energy audits to ensure that power usage is kept to a minimum.

The highly skilled and reliable CARPENTERS at MHSSL will never let you down. You can count on them for quality services and a high standard of workmanship. The team at MHSSL understands that urgent carpentry work may come up at any time. Our team offers the best quality carpentry services that match industry standards.

Our team of CIVIL WORK STAFF is competent at maintaining buildings, grounds and physical infrastructure in a cost-efficient, safe and environmentally sound manner. We offer our services for a wide variety of construction, renovation and maintenance services.


HOUSEKEEPING is a hospital support service department in charge of the cleanliness, upkeep and repair of patient care areas, public areas and staff areas. In hospitals, housekeeping is crucial for preventing the spread of disease and ensuring patients do not contract new infections. We provide technology-based maintenance solutions, advanced and innovative cleaning processes and infection-control programmes for the healthcare sector. Our team is well-trained to ensure that they collect, handle and dispose of garbage in a safe manner that avoids crosscontamination while ensuring their safety. Our housekeeping staff has the right training, equipment and attention to detail to ensure that high-touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and all waste is properly disposed of.

No matter the workspace, professional housekeeping services are required now more than ever before. Our team helps maintain your hospitality, corporate or industrial premises by conducting regular deep cleaning and maintenance work and also cleans the HVAC systems regularly to ensure optimal functioning. Safeguard your workspace with professional cleaning services using disinfectants that help your premises stay germ-free. Effective waste management includes segregation and disposal of garbage.

Our LAUNDRY processes have been perfected to provide outstanding cleaning while extending textile and linen life. Items are conveniently picked up, washed, ironed and delivered back to your location using industrial laundry machines with special cleaning agents that provide thorough and odourless cleaning. Our team is well trained to carefully identify your service requirements and take care of delicate fabrics or any particular colour separation to ensure that linens are spotless and unscathed.


Our team gets down to the nitty-gritty of the F&B industry and ensures that we assist you to manage your healthcare facility, or indeed any business, at all times. From production and packaging to sourcing raw materials and dealing with customers and maintaining your premises, our team helps control various aspects while adhering to strict quality standards. We hold regular food service management training and team development sessions to help our employees understand the requirements of a successful business.

Further, our team of PANTRY BOYS is well trained in soft skills and promptly attends to office visitors and staff and provides them with water, tea, coffee or any other requirements. You can trust our hardworking staff to independently handle your pantry and ensure that you are served food in a safe and hygienic manner at all times.


FRONT-OFFICE SUPPORT is a vital ingredient for the success of any healthcare facility as well as a service-oriented business.

In a medical facility, the front-office staff is the first face patients see during a doctor’s appointment or an emergency visit. Our team welcomes patients with a warm and friendly greeting to make them feel comfortable and look forward to a pleasant healthcare experience. Our complete front-desk support to hospitals and health clinics covers each and every administrative task. Executives help patients schedule their appointments, update their insurance details, refill medications, forward referrals, cancel appointments and update medical records in the system. From answering patients’ questions on bills and payments to assisting them with documentation, our front-office support team takes over all your time-consuming jobs. They are also well-trained in solving various patient queries over the phone or redirecting them to relevant departments.

Our front-desk staff is equipped to handle and be a part of various business setups, whether it is a mall, retail store, hotel, travel company or corporate office. The team has also undergone soft skills as well language proficiency training to communicate effectively with clients as well as in-house staff members. Our wellgroomed and well-mannered staff understand the nuances of the hospitality world and handle the front office with great expertise. Further, MHSSL understands the nuances of the hospitality business and has specially trained GUEST CARETAKERS for this profile. The team helps provide delightful experiences that last a lifetime for your customers. Our courteous, well-mannered and smiling team members always go that extra mile to make sure your guests have a memorable visit.

The pharmacy is another important component of a healthcare facility. PHARMACY ATTENDANTS supervise the pharmacy desk and are in charge of counting inventory, labelling medications and notifying the concerned authority when supplies are running low. They rotate the stock, moving older medications to the front shelf so they can be used until they expire. They assist patients and their families in locating suitable medications based on their prescriptions, as well as processing their bills. Additionally, they also compile everyday statistics, like the number of new prescriptions received, and respond to various telephonic queries.

Whether it is a hospital, corporate office, mall or hotel, not all elevators function automatically. ELEVATOR OPERATORS help open and close manual doors so people can move about freely. In modern set-ups, these operators help monitor the number of passengers in the elevator and also help guests use the elevator without any hassles. Further, in a healthcare environment, they play a key role in helping patients with mobility issues or those on wheelchairs to enter and exit the elevator.

In today’s fast-paced life, convenience and comfort attract clients as well as guests. Whether it is a hospital, mall or hotel, we help provide better accessibility for your visitors. Our team of experienced and reliable VALET DRIVERS ensures that your customers’ cars are parked safely and they get the best possible service.


MHSSL ensures your administrative staff works efficiently with constant IT SUPPORT at all times. Our team of experts keeps your systems running and up to date, and uses advanced technology and equipment to help you run a more proficient and profitable business. Our professional team looks after the repair, troubleshooting, and management of various applications and ensures your team’s smooth functioning.

Is your staff putting in a lot of time in data-entry jobs and missing out on important pending tasks? It is time to outsource your data-entry work. At MHSSL we provide you with skilled and experienced DATA-ENTRY OPERATORS who help maintain your important records with utmost speed and accuracy.

Further, ANALYSING YOUR FOOTFALL will help you recognise and predict your staffing needs at various times of the day. By planning ahead of time and being well equipped to manage customers smoothly, our team helps you handle peak hours better and ensure maximum profitability.

We offer MEDICAL RECORDS MAINTENANCE that involves compiling, reviewing, and filing documentation of patient’s condition, treatment and health outcome. Our services also include MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION AND TRANSLATION, which includes creating records from dictated audio/other files by physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers.


We deploy trained and certified SECURITY PERSONNEL to effectively manage your security services. They patrol the property on a regular basis, keep track of guests, and contribute to the overall security of the facility/premises. Our security guards are trained to work for a variety of business set-ups. They are trained to be vigilant and quick in response to emergency situations.

Our team also provides FIRE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT and commercial FIRE PROTECTION to keep you safe. We provide the best life safety service management to ensure your premises and staff remain safe at all times. Our staff ensures that all fire-protection equipment, such as fire alarms and hydrant systems, are up to date and working, and that all workers follow specific fire-safety precautions. This is of utmost importance when it comes to settings where flammable materials are used. Our team is trained to provide the most convenient and trustworthy fire-safety services.